A Range of Chat Platforms

We provide hosted chat solutions across a range of platforms, from live webcams to IVR voice chat services and SMS text chat:
  • Live Video:
    Our live video solutions include both one-to-one and one-to-many video streaming and facilitate private chat and group chat offerings, with two way cam and audio options. Our pay-per-minute billing option supports credit and debit card payments as well as premium rate phone, and direct operator billing. We also have online chatroom solutions, allowing up to 200 simultaneous users per room, with configurable room moderation options.
  • IVR Voice Chat Platform:
    With almost 3,000 lines available, we have one of the largest IVR chat platforms in the UK. Choose from pre-built service options including Live 121 chat, Group (party) chat, Virtual Chat (live message exchange) and Call TV studio chat with Q-Jump, VIP and Listen only modes. VoIP web interfaces to the IVR services allow maximum reach to your customer base. Credit card, phone, and direct operator billing options are all available.
  • SMS Text Chat:
    Our text chat platform includes all the features you expect, from pre-configurable messages to strict service splits. Customizable moderation fields allow you to configure the service as required to meet the various international regulatory requirements.
  • Remote Chat Host Management Suite:
    To optimize your use of our hosted chat platforms, we also have an advanced remote chat host management software suite, allowing you to set up and manage host profiles, logins, stats and payments in the most efficient manner.
  • Mobile Phone Applications:
    With such a high proportion of users accessing live chat services from their mobile phones, it's increasingly important to make your chat services more accessible, more user-friendly and better optimized for mobile devices than your competitors. We can provide cross platform mobile applications which allow one-click access to all of your live chat services and premium mobile content. With all of our hosted live chat services already tightly integrated to our mobile applications, you can be up and running with a white-label version operating under your branding elements in hours.

For more information or a quote for your requirements please contact us.