Outsource your Moderation

When you offer live chat solutions, it is often necessary to also provide live moderation. Automated filters are often insufficient to ensure regulatory compliance for live chat services which may be broadcast on TV or aimed at audiences which do not have an expectation of inappropriate content.

We can provide skilled moderators to ensure your live services not only remain compliant with any relevant regulatory requirements, but also add an element of quality control to your service. Our moderators can help set the theme for the chatroom and ensure the participants remain on-topic, as well as preventing abuse, bullying or inappropriate content by chatroom participants.

With a large pool of moderators available around the clock, and our sophisticated moderation tools allowing content moderation priorities and pre- and post- publication moderation options, we can handle very large traffic services with minimum disruption.

Outsourcing your moderation requirements to us means that you avoid the costly and time-consuming need to recruit, train and manage your own in-house team as well as ensuring that spikes in traffic can be easily handled. You can use our moderation services as part of our complete whitelable chat solution or as a plug-in for your own service..

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